Our Story

How it all started...

The real stories about our church and tales of the past are not HIStory but OURstory, thus OURstory gives a head start to the understanding Nazareth present identity and significance.
History must look at the beginnings and to know the origin of a movement or group, thus history gives us a head start to the understanding it's present identity and significance.

Nazareth Missionary Baptist Church was established in the year of 1917, three and a half miles north of Rosenberg, Texas in Fort Bend County. A far-sighted farmer pioneered in cutting away the dense forest known as the Brazos bottom became a viable growing community. They were faithful loving people with no community center, church or school. Neither was there a bridge to span the river to the nearest town. This grieved Mrs. P. G, Evans, a God fearing lady who lived in the community. Mrs. Evans desire was culture for her people. The island Lake Sunday school was started in a vacant store where Mrs. Evans served as superintendent and as a teacher. She was well prepared as a teacher of God's word as well as a missionary. Mrs. Evans served as president of the Galilee Baptist Church Mission Society. In 1917, a bush arbor was built and a revival was conducted. There were many that confessed Christ during this revival. Candidates for baptism were, Luella Luckey, Millie Evans, Florence and James Holiday, Adell Jackson & Parthenia Williams. This was the beginning of the organized church, Rev. J.E. Warren was the first pastor called. During this time the church was still without a name, until one night while asleep the Holy Spirit gave the name Nazareth to Mrs. P.G. Evans.
The name was accepted by the charter members of the church.
In the fall of that year, Deacon Allen Evans who was the financier for the Wesendolph Lumber Company, gave an acre of land to Nazareth, a church building was erected on that land. Deacon Allen joined Nazareth and became one of the first deacons along with Bro. Dave Smith & Bro. John Luckey. The church grew rapidly; Nazareth belonged to the Mt. Zion Lively Hope District Association, attended The State Convention & National Convention.
In 1918, Nazareth pioneered in organizing the "First B.Y.P.U. under the direction of Rev. H.L. Evans who was a student at Conroe College.
In 1919, the church was used as a public school led by Bro. Jim Houston; Rev, Evans along with Deacon Luckey and others of the community supported this decision. During the depression; the farmers begin to migrate to urban centers.
In 2017, Nazareth celebrated 100 years of existence with the current Pastor, Pastor C. Donnell Wallace.

Expanding the vision...

To be a place where broken people can find healing in Jesus Christ. To connect the unconnected to Christ.  Helping people take their next step to Christ. Connecting people with God, through authentic relationships to serve the community.
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Be a part of our story...

Join us every Sunday as we gather to worship together a 9:30 am and 11 am.